The Health Sector Information, Analysis and Reporting Division (HSIAR) sets the foundation for the delivery of high-quality health sector information, analytics and reporting. The Division leads key information management functions including data stewardship, governance, security, access, analytics and reporting, quality assurance, performance measurement and evaluations functions. HSIAR sets out to exercise effective governance over secondary use data resources, while enabling timely and secure access to data, supporting an integrated, modernized model of information sharing across the health sector. The Division leads the overarching provincial analytic strategy and approach, and performs comprehensive, robust and integrated analytics, research and evaluation of health sector performance. To ensure a consistent and timely approach to health system evaluation and continuous improvement, the Division is responsible for the development of the overarching policy framework and monitoring of outcomes and impacts of health system policy direction.

The Director Methodologies and Cross Sector is responsible for leading, directing and providing oversight for the development and implementation of methodologies that apply to statistics, methodologies and classifications. In the Director role, you will oversee the production of reports analyzing methodology and integration of analysis in planning documents from across the health sector that inform decision making. 

BC Public Service

Victoria, British Columbia

Health Services

One (1) Director

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