Improving the quality of Ontario’s health care system is a critical goal at HQO. If you are committed to improving overall health system performance, this position offers an ideal opportunity to support this transformational mandate. HQO is the provincial advisor on quality, a catalyst for quality improvement, an independent source of information on health evidence and a trusted resource for monitoring the performance of the Province's publicly funded health system.

Health Quality Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Health System Performance

Vice President, Health System Performance

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The mission for the Vice President, Research and Innovation is to reduce system burden to support a more sustainable health system and yield high impact results across the Hospital’s three sites.


Priorities include Development of New Models of Care, Operational Modeling, Health Information Technology, Awareness Projects and Research and Integration of Health Practice with Curriculum. With a number of the research team already in place, you’ll have the opportunity to quickly plan and evolve Trillium’s research capacity and translate it into applied innovation on behalf of its patients.

We seek an outstanding senior research leader committed to system performance and innovation, you are also an exceptional relationship developer capable of inspiring teams, peers and stakeholders with your vision of possibilities. You won’t find an organization more open to the possibilities than Trillium Health Partners.

Trillium Health Partners

Toronto, Ontario

Health Research and Healthcare

Vice President, Research and Innovation

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As the Integrated Vice-President, Research and Innovation, you will participate in both organizations’ executive teams; develop an overarching vision for integrated research and innovation that is represented in transformational initiatives of both organizations and the provincial system as a whole; actively engage and work with the research, medical and health professional communities to address goals and opportunities, with a focus on health outcomes; initiate, develop and continually enhance external relationships; and create and foster a "culture of discovery".

Capital Health and The IWK Health Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Health science and Healthcare

Integrated-Vice President Research and Innovation

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As the visionary leader of the Foundation, the President and Chief Executive Officer is responsible for developing and directing strategic and innovative programs which promote research excellence and generate benefits for the health and health care of British Columbians. Promoting collaboration among organizations and across multiple jurisdictions, the incumbent works with government, institutions and researchers to advance health research and address health and health system priorities.

Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Vancouver, British Columbia

President and CEO

Successful senior executives with a record of achievement in Health Research

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