A one year, full time Research Associate position is available in the Botany Department at the University of British Columbia. This position is to investigate the relationships between signaling, cell proliferation, and developmental regulation in Arabidopsis.

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Plant cell, Molecular Biology

Ph.D., Post Doc

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Studentships available for excellent candidates interested in pursuing research in protein structure and function. The Training Program will (a) train students in key technologies and (b) provide a research environment where the student can apply these skills to important topics in scientific and health research.

Protein Function Discovery Research and Training Program

Kingston, Ontario

Proteomics and Protein Function

M.Sc, Ph.D., M.D., Post Doc

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We believe that future biopharmaceutical activity and faculty demand will be in the areas of common diseases, such as infectious diseases, atopy and autoimmunity. Due to the multifactorial character of these diseases, tomorrow's researchers are expected to work in multidisciplinary teams of scientists. Multidisciplinary approaches to scientific problems have long been advocated and successfully implemented by the McGill Centre for the Study of Host Resistance.

Strategic Training Centre in Infectious Diseases and Autoimmunity

Montreal, Quebec

Host Resistance

M.Sc, Ph.D., M.D., Post Doc, Clin. Sci

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