Compute Canada – Calcul Canada, is a national network of research and high-performance computing (HPC) equipment and personnel.  Compute Canada’s mission is to promote and support the shared use of advanced computing that enables research and innovation for the socio-economic benefit of Canada.  As a national organization, Compute Canada coordinates and promotes the use of HPC in Canadian research and works to ensure that Canadian researchers have the computational facilities and expert services necessary to advance scientific knowledge and innovation. Whether generating computer models in fields such as the aerospace, biological or climate sciences, or analyzing vast amounts of data from science, business or the humanities, Compute Canada is a growing infrastructure and skills resource underpinning Canada's research capabilities while building its competitiveness and boosting its economy.

As the Vice President - Science for this newly incorporated organization you will report to the CEO and Research Advisory Committee, and advocate for research and innovation both within the organization and nationally.  You will develop a national strategy for advanced computing, which enables the organization to secure the funding necessary to create and sustain a world class advanced computing infrastructure.

As an active researcher, you will have the opportunity to continue to be based out of your home university, but with frequent travel to meet with your colleagues at Compute Canada and others across the country.

The total annual operating budget of Compute Canada, including contributions from all sources, is approximately $28M.  The purchase value of the installed equipment is approximately $150M and current regional staff number approximately 80 persons.  Most community-facing support is undertaken and managed by four regional divisions under the direction of Compute Canada. The network is jointly funded by the Canadian and provincial governments as well as institutional and industry partners.

As the ideal candidate, you will bring a strong academic research background and extensive experience with advanced computing. You have a passion and commitment for scientific advancement in Canada, and are excited and knowledgeable about expected future trends in scientific research and advanced computing.

To be considered for this position, please submit your resume and related information online at: For further information on this exciting opportunity, contact Barbara Morrison, Brent Cameron or Ken Werker at 604-685-0261 or by email to


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